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Author of Shift Teaching Forward

Shift Teaching Forward

Advancing Career Skills to Prepare Tomorrow's Workforce

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A practical guide
to preparing students
and adults for the demands
of the modern workplace

Listen to this overview of Shift Teaching Forward here


How should we prepare learners for an ever-changing world and job
market? What are 21st century employers looking for? Do we coach jobseekers to be ready on day one?

Now is the time to rethink and expand how we prepare job seekers for 
roles that will launch their careers. In Shift Teaching Forward, Kelly
Cassaro gives educators and trainers the knowledge, insight, and practical
advice they need to prime students for the social, emotional, and or
behavioral skills they’ll need to thrive in tomorrow’s workplace.


Shift Teaching Forward showcases the full ecosystem of a successful job-training programs. As educators, we need to focus, not only on standards alignment and technical skills, but also the employability skills that will make students stand out as desirable candidates.  Being able to do the job is just the
first step. We must prepare students to interact with others,

contribute to inclusive workplaces, and become collaborators—whatever
their industry or career goals. This book shows the way.

  • Discover why social, emotional, and behavioral skills are so critical for

workplace success - today, tomorrow and in the future in demand in
today’s workplaces

  • Get ideas and insightinspired by concrete steps for infusing

integrating soft skills into secondary, postsecondary, and vocational
training programs

  • Develop training programs that will improve collaboration and

inclusivity in your workplace

  • Prepare learners for the future of work by embracing the full range of

job readiness skills



Author + Speaker + Education & Workforce Industry Leader

Ever since declaring at age 5 that she would be a teacher, Kelly has dedicated her life and career to education. For nearly 20 years, she has worked in the U.S. K12 space as well as in global workforce education as a teacher, team leader, speaker and author. 

Currently she serves as the Chief of Learning at Generation, an education to employment non-profit that trains and places learners of all ages into careers that were previously beyond their reach. She has built and led a diverse, international team to create and support implementation of over 30 programs in 17 countries and across 5 market sectors (customer service, technology, manufacturing, healthcare and green jobs). 

In response to the critical needs presented by the global pandemic in 2020, Kelly oversaw a rapid and successful shift toward online design and delivery; Generation's online programming won over 10 industry awards within 2020 alone.

Kelly holds a master’s in educational leadership from Bank Street School of Education and a bachelor's of education from Ohio Wesleyan University.


Kelly has presented at numerous conferences and professional development workshops. She is passionate about scalable innovation within the education-to-employment ecosphere, as well as online learning practices, closing the digital divide, and preparing for the future of work. She proudly serves as an advisory board member for the American Dream Charter School and serves on the Board of Directors for The Inspired Community Project. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children.

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